Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Three D's--Distraction, Discouragement, Doubt

I did not write yesterday.  Not a bit.  Unless you count texts and twitter responses.  One kiddo was out of school, the other came home sick and I was exhausted from leading the choir on Sunday.  So there was no trip to the gym, and no writing time at Starbucks, and no hiding out away from the kids anywhere in the apartment.  I did NOT like it.  I felt blah throughout the day.  I did a book study a couple years ago that talked about "The Three D's".  It said these are the three things that are going to hinder you from doing what God has called you to do.  Two of the D's, doubt and discouragement, have been pretty well taken care of the last few days.  I've been very fortunate to have had people speak positively about me writing, and the changes they have seen in me, because of what I am now doing.  Distraction, however, has been rearing it's ugly head.  One thing after another has thrown me out of the routine I had established to keep me on the writing path.  Distraction is the one that starts you down the slippery of slope of not doing.  I could very easily see myself letting the distraction get to me and keep me from doing my daily allotted bit of writing.  Then, having not written for days, how easily that could turn into a deep discouragement, which could then flip easily into doubt.  What I find so surprising is how much I don't what that to happen.  I didn't expect in such a short period of time to be so invested.  I'm begging for perseverance.  If this is what I am supposed to do, then I am praying that I can do it even through the distractions, in spite of the distractions, because of the distractions. :)


tammara said...

Distraction is a daily fight. Don't ever feel bad for having lost to it, because it's going to happen! Want to know something weird? I got so into writing the last book (with the scary deadline) that I DIDN'T get distracted... and I'd snap out of it occasionally and realize I hadn't seen or spoken to certain friends... and worse, I hadn't talked to my elderly parents in days. Not cool, bro! Sometimes distractions happen because other things in life need to remain important, too. Just learn to resist the ones that don't fit that criteria. Resist them HARD. And let the others creep in - because they should.

You are awesome, and you can do this. :)

Heather said...

Thanks, Tammara. Today is another of those distraction days, which frustrates the crap outta me.