Monday, November 24, 2008

Time for an update of sorts

Physical therapy is a pain--literally. I have one GREAT hour after it where all the endorphins have kicked in and caffeine from the coffee I get after and it ROCKS! That is the way I wish i left all the time, but the crash inevitabley occurs and I feel worse then before and really sore the next day. I'm hoping eventually this tortuous cycle will lead to actually feeling great and if nothing else my abs are getting nice and tight--six pack here I come! Ok maybe maybe a four pack.
No radiation yet. My brain has not healed enough for them to accurately say whether the big white spot on the MRI is tumor or scar tissue. Fortunately, the doc doing my radiation also assisted on my surgery so he KNOWS there is tumor tissue there they just need a clearer picture for the "ray gun". That means another MRI in December. I really hope the next pic is clear enough to see what we need to see so everything can get done before the new year and we have to start of with deductibles and all that fun stuff.
Speaking of pics...I posted a new one to facebook. I have some hair now and the incision looks more like your typical scar now. It also doesn't look quite as big since my hair is getting longer. though when you look at it from the front i have this lovely little part in the middle of my head--I've been calling it my no-hawk. It's also been called a reverse mohawk, a runway, and a landing strip...where do people come up with these things :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

"Ray Gun" Radiation

Today I had an MRI in preparation for radiation treatment on the remainder of the tumor--and am thanking God that I did not blow myself up. Undergarments with wire and giant magnetic machines don't normally go together but i had no problems. I follow-up Wednesday with the Cyber-knife doc about my treatment plan. So you're probably completely confused by now since I haven't posted recently about well...much of anything :) The Cyber-knife is a directed radiation tool used on tumors--think laser but the beam is radiation and not light. This is REALLY exciting because it means I will probably not be having blanket radiation (i have no idea if this is the proper terminology but it's my blog so :P ) It means no burns on my head, no hair loss, no dental complications, etc... The only complication/side effect is fatigue and I'm a champion sleeper so I can handle that one. I can not even begin to tell you how good this news is for us. I'll have a dead tumor with minimal side-effects, very slim regrowth chance, and it could take as little as an hour for the procedure. I'll even be able to drive myself home. What a blessing to live in a time and a country where modern medical technology makes it easier for good health to be regained!

I've also started physical therapy. I was having neck and shoulder pain along with the headaches before surgery and am now having lower back pain. Let me just say physical therapists are mean, mean mean! Nothing personal of course, I just find it counter intuitive that in order to get rid of pain you have to experience more pain. Anyone else see a problem with this?! I have about one month's worth of therapy for now and then we'll see after completing this round where things stand. I'm hoping all this stretching and stuff I'm having to do will add an inch or two to my height.

Friday, November 7, 2008


I love getting those notes home from school letting you know the kids are out the following school day. Today we got one of those and I have an MRI scheduled for Monday morning. Anyone want to babysit 2 cuddly kiddos (ok maybe not so cuddly but they're cute!) for a couple hours on Monday? I'll be at the women's retreat this weekend-hooray!-but Brad can check the blog for comments if anyone is available. Thanks a bunch and I will update on radiation and physical therapy (ugh) soon.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Today, I am one step closer to being fully recovered.

I had beef fajitas and it was beautiful. I'd been craving them for quite some time (maybe I need the iron) and today that craving was fulfilled. I'm a happy gal. Now I just need some Godiva truffles and my bliss will be complete. It truly is the little things.

EDIT: The hubby ATE my leftovers!! Grrrr....I really wanted them for lunch. Next time I'm hiding them.