Monday, October 17, 2011

In a Funk

I've been in a funk today.  Not really sure what caused it.  We had a really fun day yesterday celebrating Liam's 12th birthday.  (I am so not old enough to have a kid this age)  He picked sushi for his birthday lunch-WIN-and my mom and grandma came down to celebrate with us.  This morning started out fairly well, I put on the gym clothes, though as many of you know the gym is not my friend, and got Liam to school.  The plan was gym, home, shower, write (and laundry/house cleaning as needed).  None of that happened as I got a call from Quinn's school telling me I needed to come get him.  He probably has pink eye, they said.  Wonderful.  Naturally my eyes started to itch and water at the mere mention of the dreaded pink.  Gotta love those psychosomatic reactions.  Fortunately, we were able to get into the doctor and he has drops and can go back to school tomorrow, but after getting home I didn't want to mess with anything.  Q doesn't really feel bad so he's driving me more than a little crazy.  Even trying to hide in my room with a book didn't work very well and we only have 1 bathroom so I can't lock myself in there either.  Needless to say, nothing really got done today and I completely hoovered the mom thing-actually continuing to do that..  I don't even want to write this.  At this point it's more an act of discipline then something I want to do or am enjoying.  Add to that there's no Godiva in the house (my stash is depleted) and we're out of my favorite wine. Though it seems I have enough whine to go around.  So there ya' have it.  My daily post.  At least it's done.

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