Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dominican Republic, Day 3

Sabbath. A day of rest. Why is it that I am amazed when God proves that He knows what He's doing?

Worshipped with Templo Biblico today. It was such a sweet time. Sang several familiar hymns in Spanish. I was completely moved to tears as I felt the Holy Spirit moving in the songs and desperate prayers of His people, my brothers and sisters.

We visited after. Rachel started this co-op as a means to offer the village women a way out of prostitution and other forms of oppression. We met one of the ladies who gathers materials and makes earrings.

After lunch, we jumped up in typical American fashion, ready to rush forward to the next item on the list. However Juan, our driver, motioned for us to sit and allow our food to digest, forcing us to slow down and rest a bit.

It really made many of us reflect on how independent and even completely rebellious, in the light of resting in God's sovereignty, we tend to be. So often, we are too quick to run and do when He is calling us to be still and wait. We equate busyness with obedience, it seems. Instead, we seem to think we can do it on our own power and volition. If we will it and work hard enough, God will give us rest after. That's so wrong.

Instead, we should rest in Him who is able to do mighty works through us. We wait until He makes us move. I honestly believe that too many times we get in the way with our own agendas that we miss out on the blessings that God wants to give us.

So today, we practiced rest. Some practiced better than others, but Juan would have it no other way... and praise God for it!

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