Sunday, February 8, 2009

Headaches:Take 2

That's we go again. I've been having regular headaches pretty much every day for the last month. I'm back on the allergy meds and hopefully will be able to determine if they work since I don't have a nut sized tumor shoving things around. So the roller coaster has started once again and who knows what the results will be this time. I'm praying for the simplest solution (allergies) but at the same time know that not all the tumor has been removed and so it could be more complicated. Next MRI is the beginning of March and I hope that things are healed enough and the scan is clear enough for some definitive decisions to be made about the next step in treatment. The frustration level is pretty high at the moment as well as disbelief. I mean, seriously...headaches...again. In the the famous words of Charlie Brown "Good grief."


Andrea said...

I am so sorry, sweet friend. I am saying prayers for you and really wishing I could give you a big hug! I am feeling your frustration with you and hoping for a solution to all of this soon. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Heather...I love you and I am here if you need anything!