Sunday, February 1, 2009

Learning one's limits

I learned an important lesson yesterday about what I can and can not do. For Christmas, Quinn got a Ripstick. it's a two-wheeled in-line skateboard that swivels in the middle so it can be kept in perpetual motion. Brad had to go help set up at the school for church and so we went with him to get out of the house and let the kids ride their wheeled vehicles (I should have stuck with Liam's scooter)

So Quinn makes this ripstick thing look easy. He's really good at it and so I decided to give it a try. His helmet was too small for me so i, foolishly, thought "Well if i lose my balance I'll just be able to jump off; no problem." Yeah, big problem. So I get going, am on this thing for a split second and next thing I know I'm on the ground with my butt bruised, my elbow on fire and my glasses half way across the parking lot cause they flew off my head when I hit pavement. I'm lying on the ground calling myself all kinds of idiot names when this sweet high school kid with first aid training rushes up to check on me. The boys have disappeared and I'm just hoping I haven't broken anything (I landed on my phone but it survived); I found out later from Brad that they had gone inside to get him. Here's how that conversation went: "Hey Dad we might have to call EMS" Dad: "Why would we need to do that?" Kids:"Well come here and we'll show you. Come here Dad" So Brad sees me on the ground and is all "What is she doing on the ground?" So he comes outside and I have to relay the the whole Ripstick incident. not once did the boys mention I'd fallen or smacked my head. Nice to know they can remain calm in a situation like that and thank goodness it wasn't more serious. So today I have the sore muscles and gross looking scrape to remind me that no matter how young I think I am my body is happy to remind me that I'm not.

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