Monday, March 16, 2009

Hip, Hip...HORRAY!

I had an MRI last Monday and then a follow-up with the Cyberknife dock on Thursday with GREAT news!! My brain is healing nicely and there is NO MORE TUMOR. Radiation will not be required; scans for rest of my life will be but that's ok by me. This was really a great bit of news as i now feel like i can hit the play button on life again. Everything has been on pause pretty much since last August when i was first diagnosed. Nothing has been planned until we found out about radiation and now that we know treatment is done it's pretty stinkin exciting! I don't have to wait until after radiation because I'm not having it!! Such a relief and blessing to be done--at least until I have another surgery ;)


Denise Moss said...

Fantastic! I'm so happy for you! How have your headaches been going?

joanna van vleet said...

What a trooper you have been through this whole ordeal; such an example of a faithful and trusting child of God you have been!!

Jen said...

what great news! so happy for you and your fam.