Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Humor in the insanity

Both of my boys have asked if it will be possible for them to see my brain when/if I have to have the surgery. I had to tell them I don't think the doctors will let them into the surgery. Both were very upset at not being allowed to see my brain. I told them I'd see if I could get a freeze frame of the MRI the next time I go to see the brain man so they could at least see it in a picture if not in person.


Karyn said...

Ha! You've got budding little doctors there. Thanks for starting the blog so we can stay up to date. Eric and I are thinking of you and praying for you, Brad, and the boys.


Chris D. said...

It is always interesting what kids are fascinated with. I just got a chance to look at your blog. Rhett and I also have you in our prays for a safe recovery when you have your surgery.

Toni said...

Heather. I just logged onto my old email address to find an address, and got this email about your blog. im in shock! i wondered where you had got to and now i know!!
You have an awesome attitude towards your situation and i really hope all works out. Please keep in touch - will be thinking of you!