Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bad Blogger

So I DID mention in another post that I'm a horrible blogger? In this case I will blame Brad since my computer time is limited :)
It's been a while since we did an update so here goes:
Four weeks out from surgery--My mom left yesterday. I am slightly panicked by the thought of having to do everything she was doing and surviving (hello melodrama). Not only was she doing ALL the housework she was also taking the kids too and from school each day--this is the part that is the most scary as my body still hates me and will require 2 trips up and down the evil stairs--Brad is going to take them to school so that will help A BUNCH. We've (mom and I) been trying to get me out of the house and doing stuff as much as possible the end of last (or this week--I always get confused how to state that) and it made me realize just how far I have to go to be back up to full energy. Who knew surgery on my head would have such a total effect on my body?
I not yet met with the oncologist about radiation. It was not specify who I was going to be referred to so that had to be confirmed with the brain man before an appointment was scheduled. So I will probably be calling again on Monday to find out what the status is on all that. However I am NOT looking forward to it. Hoping to be a more informed patient I went and looked at side effects for the radiation here is some of the fun I might have to look forward to ( most of this is localized to the treatment area)
  • Skin problems: redness, dryness, etc.. and DON'T EXPOSE THE AREA TO THE SUN FOR 1 YEAR AFTER TREATMENT ( How's a body supposed to swim?)
  • Redness and irritation to the mouth/dental issues (there's a big old list of dos and do nots for food and drinks on this one--having to forgo coffee is a tear-jerker)
  • change in skin texture
  • eating and digestive problems (cause i haven't had enough of
  • nausea and lack of appetite (liquid diet here I come)
  • hair loss--no biggie there BUT it may come back thinner and a different texture (PLEASE NOT CURLY)
  • Fatigue
  • tumor in area being treated (rare, and ironic too)

So that's a few of the side effects. As irritated as I've been about recovery I hope I'll be too fatigued to care about any of the other stuff if it happens. :) honestly, I guess I'm just more resigned to the fact that there is more refining to be done both individually and as a family. I keep clinging thightly that there is a purpose for all of it, that good has and will come out of it--it doesn't I like it.

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April said...

Hey Heather :o)

Thanks for the honesty. I'm glad you aren't "sugar-coating" it. It helps us pray for you in a truthful light. I would love to know how we could help you. Do you all still have a need for meals? Please let me know. Jerod and I would love to help :)