Tuesday, September 9, 2008


So, here's MY first official post.

We met with the brain man today to discuss our final prognosis and schedule surgery. So, here's what we found out.

The tumor has been growing for years. It extends toward the front of the brain and even further between the two lobes. Surgery will get most, but not all, of the tumor. A few weeks after surgery, we begin radiation therapy to fry a bit more of the tumor. There is also a cyst, kind of a brain zit, that the surgeon will "evacuate" while he removes the tumor.

We will be at the hospital at 5:30 a.m. Surgery will take about 3 hours. Heather will be in ICU for 2 days and another 2 days in a hospital room for observation. She may get to come home by Friday.

Heather will be subject to annual MRI scans from now on. The doctor also spoke of the possibility that we may have to do this all over again in ten years, or so.

And here all along, I was thinking this wasn't going to be fun!

Surgery is scheduled for Monday, September 15th. Heather has decided she is going to throw a head shaving party on Saturday, a requirement of brain surgery. Be looking for an Evite. Additionally, if you do not receive an Evite, it isn't because you're not invited. We would like everyone to come by on Saturday and celebrate with us.

CELEBRATE?!? Absolutely! While I am currently experiencing a lot of anger and remorse through this ordeal, carnally, I continue to rejoice spiritually.

Christ willfully submitted to affliction, suffering, and shame to redeem the relationship that was broken through man's sinful nature. To bring us back to the Father, Christ suffered ultimately and willingly.

We have an opportunity to share in the fellowship of Christ's suffering. We're not enjoying it by any stretch of the imagination. This entire ordeal has been baptized in our tears. Yet, our hope is in Christ. He is our joy and our rock. If Christ did not suffer for our sins, if He did not die on the cross and physically rise again, victorious over sin and death, then we are a people to be most pitied. We have no other hope in this life, or after.

My prayer, OUR prayer, is that once the smoke clears and all has been finished that, no matter the outcome, God brings glory to His name... whether through us or in spite of us.

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