Monday, September 15, 2008

The Cry of My Heart

It is 12:20am day of surgery as I begin to type this. I should be asleep yet am burdened by the need to take some time to share Christ with those who might not yet know Him or who have walked away from Him. There are probably some of you who will stop reading this after the first few sentences, but I ask you to continue to read. I fully expect to come through surgery healthy and healed but just in case I want the last words I speak (or type in this case) to be ones that encourage people to look to Jesus.
To those who say church is full of hypocrites, let me offer you the replacement word of sinner and confess that I too am a hypocrite. No matter how much I love Jesus, no matter how desperate my desire is to be like Him, it is my very nature to rebel, to sin, to put my selfish desires on the throne of my heart instead of my Saviour, but God being abundant in grace and mercy provides us with a helper in the form of His Holy Spirit and abundant forgiveness if we confess and ask for it.
TO those of you who were told the "condemnation gospel"--that's the one where someone comes up to you and rants and screams believe in Jesus or go to hell!--let me apologize to you and ask your forgiveness. This is not the message that Christ brought to us. He came to love us, to heal the rift that sin caused between us and God and to restore our relationship with Him.
It's now after 1am. I spent 40m writing (and deleting ) paragraphs about Jesus, and salvation and found what I wanted to say on the Desiring God website :

Please know that all of this comes from a place of love--love for my Jesus, and love for you. It is my greatest desire that you have a personal relationship with Jesus, that you be reconciled to God, and that we spend eternity together praising Him. Please. Please take the time to read the article. Open your hearts and your minds to who He is and what He's done for us. I love you.

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susan p said...

This is such an encouragement to me....I was/am guilty of taking the "condemnation gospel" to my family when I first accepted Christ. Jesus is big enough to redeem the mistake! Thank you. Much Love. I'm praying for you & Brad & the boys. ~susan~