Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Rinse and Repeat

Last year on this very date, I posted a 13 Reasons Why... for our anniversary. I like this idea a lot and so each year will continue to add to the list. So this year FOURTEEN reasons why i love and adore my hubs:

  • He never complains or nags about my less than stellar housekeeping (laundry is a curse from hades)
  • He is musically talented; I always said I'd marry a guy who could play an instrument. It was kind of a deal breaker if he didn't :)
  • He's not embarrassed by public displays of affection
  • He's my best friend in the whole entire world.
  • He loves our boys
  • He's ridiculously quick witted and makes me laugh
  • He doesn't pick at me (much) for my strange nonsensical quirks (like hating tomatoes but loving caprese salad)
  • He listens to me
  • He sings duets with me on road trips--even ones from GLEE
  • He knows me and Loves me; nothing better than that
  • He LOVES Jesus
  • He geeks out over Doctor Who with me
  • He makes sure that as an introvert I get time to myself to recharge.
  • He is an exhorter

"Today I will marry my best friend. The one I laugh with, live for, dream with, love." 

Blarney Castle, Ireland 2011~Long-awaited honeymoon

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Kindlemom said...

I absolutely love this post!!
My husband is also my best friend and confidant and I couldn't imagine my life without him.
You two look so great together!!